How to Get Your Prescription

To order prescription glasses online, you will need a recent copy of your prescription. A prescription from the past two years is best. If you do not have a recent copy, you will have to get an eye examination from your local optometrist. There usually is a fee for this examination.  

Once you have completed your new eye examination, don’t forget to ask the optometrist for your prescription before you leave (including a measurement called Pupillary Distance). And if you have had an eye examination within the last 24 months, just call your optometrist for the prescription or go into the optometric office or optical store to pick up a copy.
Your eye doctor is required by law to provide you with your prescription.  If for some reason they decline to pass it on, tell them that withholding it is illegal and gently threaten to take your business elsewhere. After an eye test you don’t just pay for the test itself – you’ve effectively paid for the prescription too. In other words, it’s your right to have a copy.