GLAM Eyewear - Product Info
At Glam Eyewear, every frame you purchase will include complimentary plastic CR39 prescription lenses (provide you give your prescription). Anti-reflective coating can be applied for an additional cost.

Anti-Reflective (non-glare) Coating
  • Our coating is one of the best multi-layer anti-reflective coatings on the market. In addition, they receive an anti-scratch coating to provide durability and maintain superior vision through everyday use.
  • Anti-reflective coating will significantly reduce glare from on-coming headlights from cars, dirt on your lenses, and increase light transmission to improve your vision.
  • Reflections from lenses will be less noticeable. Anyone looking at you will see your eyes, not your lenses. Also, when taking pictures, the bright white reflection from your lenses will be dramatically reduced and your eyes will be visible in pictures or videos.